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Month: September, 2011

Why This Will Never Be A Cooking Blog

I enjoy cooking. Not on a daily basis, you understand, but I enjoy cooking for friends. I love searching for new recipes and though I’ve been told many times that one should try a recipe BEFORE using it for guests, I generally fail to heed that suggestion. Like yesterday. We had been invited to dinner […]


Dear Mother Nature, Let’s refresh our memories a wee bit. In the last month or so, you have graced us with that earthquake. And that hurricane. And then a week-long tropical storm which I prefer to call The Monsoon. I know what you are planning next and I would like to strongly voice my objections. […]

Ten Years

The following is a letter I wrote shortly after the attacks on 9-11. I have also posted some other memories of that day and the days following, but this letter tells the story of where I was and what I was thinking as I learned what had happened thousands of miles away. For points of […]

The Kindness of Strangers (and other stories)

9-11 The date has become the name and the mere mention of it brings back a torrent of memories. As the ten-year anniversary approaches, I join multitudes in writing about experiences on that day and the days that followed. My husband and I were vacationing in the south of France and we became stranded there […]

The Little Things

For me, the greatest thrill of parenthood—or grandparenthood—is watching a child—or a grandchild—discover the world. The delight that shines in each child’s eyes as he experiences something for the first time is just beyond compare. Yesterday, we took the Rooster on an Adventure. We boarded an Amtrak train in Lancaster and headed to Philadelphia where […]

Enough, already…

Dear Mother Nature, I would like to have a word with you. In recent days, you have given us an earthquake (yes, I know it was small, but still…) and Hurricane Irene (yes, we made out just fine, but still…). Now you have blessed us with three straight days of solid, torrential rain, so much […]