Bobbing Along

A Lifetime of Stories: collected, painted, shared.

Month: November, 2011


Yes, I have been neglecting this blog. And I’m sorry. Yes, I have much to tell. There are still stories from my last trip to visit my dad. And untold stories from a very boisterous Thanksgiving. But most importantly, there’s an announcement to make and I’ll do it right this very minute: We have a […]

The Skinny

Facebook. I have resisted and resisted and RESISTED joining Facebook. I believed my reason for not joining was quite valid: I simply have too many options for distraction already. This is not to say my life is so extraordinarily busy. It only says that I’m very easily distracted. So, why am I now on Facebook? […]


It’s that time of year…the “good” half of the twice-yearly “Change Your Clocks, Stupid” event. I would like to say that I actually got that promised extra hour of sleep, but living with Mr. “Rise And Shine! Look! It’s Sunny! What’s for Breakfast?!” Owens makes that a little impossible. Errgghhh. Once I rose and shone […]