What Happens at Grandmama’s…

by cindy

While the parents took a long weekend to attend a wedding on the other side of the country, Mama and Baba kept the Rooster-Tooster. We did lots of things, like visit the Aquarium in Baltimore where the Rooster decided riding the escalators was THE BEST, far better than the sharks and other fish. Yes, it was an aquarium, but still…FISH…BIG ONES…WIF TEEF.

On another day we visited the B&O Railroad Museum, also in Baltimore, where the young lad decided Baba should buy him a huge (really huge) model engine for his upcoming birthday. He may be a bit disappointed on that one. For starters, the model was not for sale, a fact that clearly went over the head of this almost-three-year-old who thinks his Baba is capable of ANYTHING.

While those two trips may not exactly go down as his favorites over time, visits to the grandparents’ house still can be fun. We break all sorts of rules here:

Yep. Donut lips. After bath. BEFORE BEDTIME. DONUTS!

Uh, let’s not tell the parents, OK?