Perhaps I Should Explain

by cindy

As I inch closer to releasing this blog to the public (aaaand that might mean you, dear reader), I should, perhaps, take this moment to explain the genesisĀ of the name Bobbing Along. My third child, my daughter, had headed off to college in a city some eight hours away. She was quite ready to leave the nest, and, yes, her dad and I were ready too–BUT IN A GOOD WAY, Erin, REALLY!

The time came, however, when this otherwise very capable young woman caught a cold. And for the first time in her life, she had to deal with that miserable flu-like feeling without the nurturing to which she was accustomed (read: log cabin cinnamon toast served to her in bed by her doting mother, on a tray with orange juice, freshly squeezed, and a single rose in a bud vase set off to the side, oh, and lace napkins. I’m sure I remember all of this correctly. She is going to dispute it, no doubt. She does that sort of thing a lot.)

I remember clearly (as I do everything, harummpff) that phone call:


“Mbawb? Mbawb, Uhm thick.”

“You’re what?”

“Mbawb! Uhm THICK! I gawt a ghold!”

And the pity-party continued for several minutes, during which time I suggested she take her temperature with the thermometer I had lovingly packed in a little first aid kit which was sequestered somewhere in the turmoil that had, I’m sure, become her dorm room. I could go on with this story, explaining that the thermometer could not be found, that she was sure she was going to die, that no one had ever, ever had a cold that bad. But I won’t.

Eventually she recovered and once she had regained her delightful sense of humor, she realized that she had called me “Bawb” (the m was silent) which became Bob which became the name not only she has since called me but also the name her legion of friends have called me too. And I love it. Not everyone can be a ‘bob’ but I am.

It was this same child who first encouraged me to start a blog. It’s no surprise to me that “bobbing along” is the name that was chosen when the collective “kids” set up this blog. I am Bob and yes, I bob along. Welcome to my website. Welcome to my life.