by cindy


Yes, I felt the earthquake today. I was sitting right here at the computer, trying to figure out how to do this and that for this here very same blog. As the room, the desk, the scanner, and yes, the computer (and the chair and me, come on, you get the idea…) shook and shuddered, my immediate thought was “Oh, shit! Now what did I do? Is this computer gonna explode?” Because, yes, I am THAT sort of computer person…the kind that picks and pokes and makes a mess of things twice as often as she makes a thing work. Considering the difficulty I was having with the task at hand, it wouldn’t have surprised me one little bit if the damn thing had exploded.

Which made my next thought rather telling: “Oh SHIT! WHAT AM I GONNA TELL DAVE???!! Could have been another day in the doghouse…