The Times They Have Done Gone and Changed

by cindy

With yesterday’s East Coast Earthquake (I hear you laughing, you Californians, I hear you!) the phone rang more than usual with folks wondering if we had felt tremors here in our neck of the woods. Of course all the calls, including a 1-800 number that I ignored, happened to come just as I was putting dinner on the table. Errgghh.

The last of the calls, however, was from our daughter who, when I said I’d call her back after we ate, quickly asked, “Did you feel the earthquake?” I answered, just as quickly, “Check my blog!” and hung up. When we finally connected later in the evening, she told me that the friends she had met for drinks laughed about our extraordinarily brief conversation, wondering what the world was coming to when a mom tells her child (albeit an almost-32-year-old-child) to check her blog for answers to a question.

Hmm…and whose idea was this blog thing? Ah, yes.