Enough, already…

by cindy

Dear Mother Nature,

I would like to have a word with you.

In recent days, you have given us an earthquake (yes, I know it was small, but still…) and Hurricane Irene (yes, we made out just fine, but still…). Now you have blessed us with three straight days of solid, torrential rain, so much that, according to our local weather forecaster, as of 6:00 this evening we have had five inches of rain today alone. And it is now pouring just as steadily AGAIN. And it is supposed to do so all night tonight. And all day tomorrow.

What’s next, may I ask?

Oh. Yeah. Pestilence. That’s right, it’s about time for THE RETURN OF THE STINKBUGS.

Gee. Thanks.

Can’t wait for winter this year…

Your friend,