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Month: October, 2011

My Day

Early this morning (well, not that early I suppose, but early for me…) I received a text message (yes, I do know how to do that. I just find my fingers a bit too chub to text back with any speed.) which read: “Rooster and I were practicing singing Happy Birthday in the car this […]


By now you have to know that I have a rather combative relationship with Mother Nature. Your memory can easily be refreshed by visiting here or here or even here. Or you can just take my word for it. Mother Nature and I have, shall we say, issues. Yesterday’s Octobersnow has not exactly helped things. […]

New York City

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. I had teased a bit about our adventures in New York City last weekend. As you may recall (here, if you have no idea what the eff I’m talking about…) I had taken a couple of trips the week before last, one of which landed me in NYC. And […]

A Slight Interruption

I know that some of you (well, one, at least—perhaps my only steady┬ástalker follower of Bobbing Along—AND I LOVE YOU, JACKIE!) have been anxiously waiting to learn more about that duffle bag. And now that our plans for today have been altered ever so slightly, I hope to satisfy your curiosity by finishing that story […]


Between trips to West Virginia and New York City, the past week has been pretty busy. Stories are percolating up in the noggin, stories that I am anxious to share. First, however, I must do some other schtuff—laundry and bills and such. And the stories are not quite ready to pop out onto the computer […]


One grandmother smelled of Listerine and moth balls. The other smelled of kitchen—fried chicken, black raspberry pie. My grandfather smelled of pipe tobacco, my father of sweat and anger. Mom smelled of Windsong. Perhaps my smell will be of turpentine and oil paint, but that won’t happen unless I get my ass into the studio.

Oh, Dear

On Saturday, Dave and I attended the matinee of “The Rivals”, the latest production of Center Stage in Baltimore. We have been season subscribers for years but only recently changed our tickets from evening performances to afternoons. In doing so, we quickly noticed that the age of the average audience member escalated into, well, into […]

My Boys

It has rained a lot lately. And what do two boys do on a dark and gloomy morning? Legos! They play legos. It matters not that there’s a sixty year age difference. It’s LEGOS!! As they busied themselves, sorting and building, they were completely unaware that I stood in the doorway with my camera. Or […]

Still workin’ at it…

I’ve been busy, kind of. Perhaps you’ve noticed a new “page” up there at the top of the blog? Yes, I’ve added the A-List, which is a short list of blogs that I’ve followed over the years. Some I read only occasionally, others I check on daily. I enjoy blogs for many reasons—brilliant writing skills […]

A Tale of Two Grandmothers

In a recent burst of energy (or mania, not sure which) I attacked a couple of closets in an attempt to clean, sort, and toss a significant portion of stuff that had accumulated over time. Indeed, many things of little or forgotten value were either donated or dumped. In some cases, the decision to do […]