Still workin’ at it…

by cindy

I’ve been busy, kind of.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a new “page” up there at the top of the blog? Yes, I’ve added the A-List, which is a short list of blogs that I’ve followed over the years. Some I read only occasionally, others I check on daily. I enjoy blogs for many reasons—brilliant writing skills or brutal honesty or deviant senses of humor. Mostly, I admire blogs–and bloggers–for their amazing abilities to navigate life without losing their marbles. Me? My marbles scattered years ago. And I’m not even gonna try to collect them again.

If you’ve been waiting for posts in the Artwork section, well, keep waiting. Patiently, please. It’s going slowly. I’ve been scanning slides, which is how my artwork was recorded for submission to shows for years and years and years (pretty much since the dawn of time, you could say). And I’ve mentioned before that my computer skills are hit-or-miss, with the emphasis on miss. Still, I did manage to get some scanned and uploaded correctly. Here’s a taste of what might be coming…eventually…

AND, I have been on the lookout for the next onslaught of stinkbugs. So far, not a one. Just in case you live where there are no stinkbugs (yet), here’s a look at these attractive pests:

When they arrive on my doorstep (or window screens or bedroom walls) I’ll let you know. You’ll probably hear my screams well before checking the blog.