New York City

by cindy

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes. I had teased a bit about our adventures in New York City last weekend. As you may recall (here, if you have no idea what the eff I’m talking about…) I had taken a couple of trips the week before last, one of which landed me in NYC.

And I landed there for a very special reason.

ELMO! Everyone loves ELMO!! And this, my friends, was the NEW YORK CITY OPENING of the movie BEING ELMO!!

Child #3 is part of “Team Elmo”, a collection of companies whose mission it is to bring attention and recognition to this wonderful documentary.

Dave and I were invited to the “Friends and Family” viewing of the film after which we watched with delight as Erin ushered Elmo’s creator, Kevin Clash, to the stage for the Q & A period.

And, of course, after several questions for Kevin, Elmo himself joined in the fun—which certainly thrilled me and anyone else who’s a child at heart.

The documentary, “Being Elmo”, tells the story of Mr. Clash who, as a young boy from Baltimore, dreamed of becoming a puppeteer. Rather than trying to summarize the movie, I encourage you to see the film for yourself. Check for showings in your area through and treat yourself to a delightful, warm-hearted, wonderful film. Maybe I’ll buy the popcorn! OR maybe not. Anyway…

After the Q & A, we headed to the Village for an exclusive reception in a lovely little art gallery. (This is where I could tell you about MY dreams as a little girl from Clarksburg, WV, but not now. This is all about Elmo!)

And it was while I was schmoozing and nibbling and thoroughly enjoying myself that I noticed that duffle bag which had been so unceremoniously dumped on the floor…ELMO WAS IN THAT BAG!!!

But not for long—yes, Elmo, too, enjoyed the reception for a little bit…

…before being stuffed first INTO A PLASTIC BAG and then back into the duffle bag. ELMO! IN PLASTIC!! ARRGGGGHH!!!

The evening was delightful. Being so close to that fuzzy red STAR—well, who needs red carpets with models and actors? We had ELMO!! Duffle bag and all.

Great time. Such fun. Marvelous memories. Thank you, Woogs. And Elmo.

I love you Elmo!

I love you, Erin!