by cindy

By now you have to know that I have a rather combative relationship with Mother Nature. Your memory can easily be refreshed by visiting here or here or even here. Or you can just take my word for it. Mother Nature and I have, shall we say, issues.

Yesterday’s Octobersnow has not exactly helped things. Not only did the storm completely screw up some very special plans, but it also left quite a mess

which Dear Dave is outside clearing as I write this in the cozy warmth of the study. Yes. Inside the house. Hey! I took the damn pictures, didn’t I? And my toes got pretty chilly, too, out there in the wild. Me. In the elements. With my camera! Jeez.

Moving on.

I have to say that in spite of the mess, the inconvenience, the worry that accompanies living on a wooded property during any kind of weather event, days like yesterday can also bring some lovely surprises.

Like this

And this

And more.

Shhhsh. Let this be our little secret, ok? Mother Nature need not know that her work also makes me kinda happy. As long as I am Inside. The. House.