The Skinny

by cindy


I have resisted and resisted and RESISTED joining Facebook. I believed my reason for not joining was quite valid: I simply have too many options for distraction already. This is not to say my life is so extraordinarily busy. It only says that I’m very easily distracted. So, why am I now on Facebook?

I have no idea.

This is the true story, Erin: When I got up yesterday morning, I checked my email. Much to my surprise, I had three messages from Facebook. The first thanked me for signing up. The second welcomed me to the site and gave me a confirmation code. The third suggested I sign up for Facebook mobile. Huh. And here I thought I had slept like a baby. Huh.

Curiosity got the best of me.

Do you know what happens when you follow directions? You might just end up doing something you hadn’t planned on doing. Before I knew it, I had signed on.

And I’m having a blast.

I have reconnected with some old friends. I have even made new ones (Hi, TONY!!). I have a lot to learn about messages and comments and walls and profiles and as soon as that new bookstore down the road opens, I’m gonna go look for a “Facebook for Dummies”. Surely someone has written one.

In the meantime, I imagine the conversations in my home will change somewhat…

Cindy? I’m out of underwear.

Oh. Sorry. I’m on Facebook.

Cindy? The refrigerator is empty.

Oh. Sorry. I’m on Facebook.

Cindy? You haven’t showered for FOUR DAYS.

Oh. Sorry. I’m on Facebook.

He’ll figure it out.