Hey! Looking for Me?

by cindy

I know, I KNOW! I have been nothing short of DELINQUENT. I thank those of you who may still be patiently “watching” this blog (I would like to say “reading” but, ahem, I need to write something to be read, right?). And I thank each of you for your words of encouragement and occasional chastisement. My blog (and you, dear reader) has been in my head nagging urging me to write—WRITE! RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT! WRITE!!—every day over the last month.

Alas, it simply was not possible. But now…now, I’m b-a-a-a-a-ack!! 

I’ll briefly and quickly bring you up to speed (yeah, like her life is really that exciting) and I will promise (AGAIN with the promises! Does she even know what the word means?) to go into greater detail later (LATER? HA! Good luck with that, Bob.) (Do you get the sense that there are two of us writing? Well, maybe two will be more productive than one. Or more confusing. Anyway…)

Let’s begin with THE PEANUT.

The Peanut arrived two weeks early, much to the surprise of her normally well-organized parents. Of course I dutifully assured them that life would continue to flow smoothly according to each of their carefully orchestrated schedules and plans. Yes, I am totally the Mother-Mother-in-Law-Grandmother-not-to-be-trusted. I knew that someday the truth would become evident. I just didn’t want to burst that particular bubble so early in the game. And yes, they are now fully aware that life does indeed continue on schedule. The Peanut’s schedule. And she has yet to share her plans and intentions with her parents. Ah. Babies.

I then assured them that she would eventually become reliable and cooperative. I did not say when.

Dave and I headed out to Chicago as soon as we could get a flight, leaving the mountains of sheets and towels from a houseguest-filled Thanksgiving weekend scattered attractively throughout the house. (When we returned home, I considered topping each of them with a star and dubbing them “Christmas Trees.” I was outvoted.) While in Chicago, however, we did what we could to help get things ready for the Peanut’s arrival home. We washed down the just-renovated room and hallway, which was (whew) completed the day after her birth. We washed baby clothes and blankets. We washed soft toys and tiny booties. And “Baba” joined forces with her other grandfather, “Papoo”, in assembling the crib.

Have I mentioned that both grandfathers are retired pathologists? Can we say “anal-retentive”, boys and girls? Their sense of precision, however, will ensure that that crib can NEVER EVER be dismantled. It is there forever. And when she arrived home, we took every opportunity we could to hold that dear little princess. Yes, “Princess”. Her daddy said so. And I agree.

Her daddy and her mommy fell in love with her instantly. Amazing how that happens.

Too soon, Dave and I had to leave the new family and return home to Pennsylvania—to those mountains of laundry, to the promises of presents, the intentions of decorating, and the clamor of celebration. Before we knew it, Christmas was upon us. Someone was particularly excited this year.

Yes, the Rooster.

Maybe the Rooster’s excitement had to do with pirate ships. Maybe it had to do with “wegos”. Or maybe, just maybe, it had to do with the binoculars you might have noticed in the opening photograph. Whatever the reasons for his enthusiasm (and I’m sure they were multiple) Christmas did not disappoint him or any of us. For after Christmas Day, we ALL flew back to Chicago to celebrate our holiday, our Peanut, and our Family.

More stories, about Chicago and other things, will be coming very, very soon. In the meantime, Happy New Year one and all! And, once again, thank you for sticking with me on this blog adventure.