In My Next Life

by cindy

Years ago, there was an exercise tape called “The Twenty Minute Workout”. I loved to sit and watch it.

Then I discovered a wonderful little yoga studio and began studying with the best yogini ever. Alas, age has hampered my abilities to progress. Age and…well…sloth. A new session begins tomorrow morning. I hope to slide out of that really warm, soft, cozy bed, out from under the two comforters and away from the nest of three pillows in time to attend the morning session. In case I don’t make it, however, I can always watch this:

And I have every intention of being able to do that in my next lifetime.

P.S. Yes, I know that link should look different. What can I do? Nevermind.

P.P.S. Hey! I got it fixed! See what a trip to Chicago can do? Oh! And photos of the Peanut coming too!! Soon.