A Final Word, or three…

by cindy

And how did the Rooster fare in Oz?

Early in the process, we brought him to a production meeting. He didn’t have much to add to the discussion but he paid very close attention to our very pretty choreographer.

(Actually, we were babysitting him that evening. His attendance at this meeting was for our convenience. Still, isn’t he the cutest? And, yes, the part about the choreographer is true.)

We tried to demystify some of the stage and set design in advance of the show. We showed him the Munchkin Village Houses! We showed him the Orchestra Pit! We showed him the Yellow Brick Road! He was more interested in locating Captain Hook’s hat in the costume closet.

And his Mommy was rather charmed by (and charming in) Hello Dolly’s hat.

As a matter of fact, the whole family played a little dress up!

Rooster and his parents attended one of the matinees with us. He was delighted with the Wizard of Oz-t-shirt we gave him although he couldn’t understand why the logo for a show about a “wizard” had a “witch” in the design instead.

He was less than thrilled with the show. He made it through the tornado scene during which the witch is first flown across the stage. After that, he and I made an abrupt bee-line to the lobby.




He was quite content to sit with me in the lobby where he didn’t have to remember to W-H-I-S-P-E-R and he could watch the show on the TV monitor only if he wanted. And he could snack on popcorn and soda. And, basically, he could be a three-and-a-half year old.

So…the Rooster has not yet embraced the magic of theatre. No matter. There’s time.