by cindy

I’ll be heading out in a bit for a new knee. How’s that for an opening statement?

Later today I will be having my second knee replaced. My first knee was done last year and my approach to it was not unlike a “dead man walking”. Or limping, to be more accurate. This time, thanks to my little pre-op la-la pill, I am READY TO GO! NOW! LET’S DO THIS THING!

Unfortunately my surgery is scheduled for late in the afternoon. And I can’t eat or drink anything all day. Nothing. Nada. And I am missing my morning chai. And my Diet Coke. Grrr.

I am fortunate to have a support team ready to go: Dear Dave, Nurse Extraordinaire.

I have little doubt that he will take his nursing responsibilities just as seriously as he did last year when he logged all medications and all exercises in a prepared (by him) ring binder with a custom-made (by him) label, writing such entries in military time. You know, like, 0300 hours instead of 3:00? Or worse, 1500 hours for 3:00 in the afternoon? And that requires MATH. And we all remember how good I am at math?

And, of course, I have my extended family sending good wishes too. Like my brother in St. Louis who just sent this email. He has no idea I have blog. Ha-ha! (See? That little la-la pill is kicking in!)

“Good luck with the knee replacement.  Dave taking pictures would be fantastic !!!!!   Perhaps Ryan can download on U-tube for some great hits by millions. Just think how famous you might become???? We will be with Dad tomorrow through Sunday evening and tell him that you must be a snob for not calling!!!!!   I love to help !!!!  Dad gets sad and mad at the same time as I have a tear running down my check [sic]. Enough about me and good luck with the new knee.   Ed had a wienie replacement!”

Yep. We’re close like that. And we also love exclamation points. And question marks.

When I return home in a couple of days and return to this blog, I will probably be on some, um, medication. And it is entirely possible that my first post will read something like this:

Ummiflibbleasom geroobblitingty slurbbofital. Noivioietoi sghoi hoviomoppoipjr yf thoijvo;it.

And that is precisely when a whole bunch of new readers will just happen to stop by for a first look at bobbingalong. A first and only. They’ll never return.

But you’ll stay, won’t you?


Thanks and thanks and thanks again.