One Week Later

by cindy


Experience is a Great Teacher and I am a Rock Star Patient

Well, folks, I rather looked forward to sending some medication-induced rambling post-surgical statements but…I’m not on pain meds, except at night, or unless you count tylenol WHICH I DO NOT. And frankly, I’ve been pretty busy preening about my extraordinary recovery from my second knee replacement surgery.

I tossed the walker aside days ago.

I alternate legs when going up stairs.

I forget where I leave my cane, rendering the use of it, well, useless.

I am clearly weeks ahead of where I was one week out of surgery last time.

I study the 26 staples running down my leg without passing out.

I shower (and yes, while this may be TMI for you, it is a point that differs greatly from last year.)

I nap in the afternoon only because by doing so, Dave still thinks I need nursing so he makes dinner. Well, he heats up dinners that friends have brought over.

I could go on and on, but the biggest point I would like to make is I ALREADY BEND MY LEG at 110 degrees. Last year, after much, much pain and effort, I was discharged from physical therapy when the bend got to 120 degrees. I’m not sure what this means in terms of physical therapy, but I’m thinking it won’t take long to be pronounced CURED! HEALED! ROCK STAR! SUPERHERO!

So, how did this happen?

First, I approached this surgery with a much better, more positive, almost gleeful attitude. The success of one knee clearly impacted the mental advantage for the second.

Two, I knew that by babying the leg last time I only made recovery longer and more painful, so the day after surgery, while I knew I was about as loaded with pain blockers as I ever would be, I swung my leg around to the side and dangled it nicely at 90 degrees, off the bed.

Three, there has got to be some intangible in this process and whatever it is, whenever I discover the cause for this amazing recovery, I will be all over someone with sloppy kisses and groping hugs. It’s that simple. THANK YOU WHATEVER YOU ARE!!

For all the emails, posts, card, calls, dinners, desserts, and gasps of amazement, Thank you!

By the way, yes, I am knocking on wood as I type this.