Bobbing Along

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Month: April, 2012

Full Disclosure

Umm, so, um, remember when I wrote how brilliantly my knee replacement was progressing? Um, well, in the interest of full disclosure (and also because I only have a little bit of time and I haven’t posted lately and I don’t want to lose my remaining readership however few many they may be…) I feel I […]


Easter was duly celebrated in our house. The Easter Bunny arrived only to be followed at some dark hour by the Easter Pig. Easter Pig often visited when our children were small. And large. And in between. The evil Pig helped himself (yes, I know he is a he. Don’t ask how.) to their candy. […]


And what, may I ask, are you doing for fun this summer? Huh? The beach,  you say? Nice. Ah! The mountains, perhaps! Wow. Lovely. Europe? So jealous. Me? Hmmm… Apparently, part of my summer will be spent on jury duty. Oh yes. Jury. Duty. Again. Mmm-hmm. I have served once before. And yes, I know […]

To Hat or Not to Hat

If you were to listen to my father—and I’m not real sure that is generally a good idea these days—you would know that wearing hats is the Primary Method for the Prevention of Illness. I learned that not as a youngster (though I am sure many a hat was shoved onto my head as I […]