A Little Contrition May Be in Order

by cindy

Dear Mother Nature,

Hi! How are you? No! Wait! Don’t leave!

Oh. Yes. ‘Tis me. Again. Uh huh.

I know that our relationship has been, oh, a little fractious over the last few months. Yes, I admit it: I was being a bit whiny. Well, why not? I had had to deal with stinkbugs and earthquakes and then snowstorms in October and I was feeling a bit, um, cranky. There. I said it. I was being cranky. Happy now, M.N.?

Anywho, I am writing to you just to say, “Hey! DAMN FINE WORK. Of late. Really! Damn fine work!”

I mean the weather has been glorious but more to the point, you have graced our home with these:

And these:

Thousands of them. I do not exaggerate. THOUSANDS!

And contrary to the Master Gardeners of the Universe, who have some theory-thingy about the colors of hydrangeas being linked to the ph of the soil, blah, blah, blah, whatever, these multi-colored blossoms are all from the same single hydrangea bush, using, of course, the same soil:

You may not remember this but when these hydrangeas were purchased, they were labeled “Dwarf” Hydrangeas. And they are huge. And beautiful. Simply magnificent. Dear Dave has done good work nurturing them over the years. And, Mother Nature, you have too. Yes, you have. Come on now. Take a bow. That’s it.

Thank you.

Now, are we buds again? Get it? Buds? Ha ha!!

Your friend, for now,