Bobbing Along

A Lifetime of Stories: collected, painted, shared.

Month: February, 2013


It was a check-up. Nothing more. No urgent issues. No medical problems. Just a check-up. We reviewed the list of medications: for hypertension, check; for cholesterol, check; for digestive issues, check; for anxiety… “So, how is the Celexa working? How are you feeling?” “Better. I’m feeling better.” “Just better? Not good?” Hmmm. I thought better […]


Many months ago, I wrote about my reluctance to join social media in general and Facebook in particular. Yet the opportunity, shall we say, presented itself and join I did. Predictably, I have enjoyed snooping and sharing and wasting precious minutes hours of each day. However, I have also been able to reconnect with many old friends—friends […]

Raison d’Etre

I made plans. I deliberately avoided time-consuming commitments. I had every good intention to spend these cold winter days, with or without snow to force the issue, working in my studio. It is past time, I told myself, to focus my creative energies on my personal work, be it painting in oil, drawing in ink, […]