Raison d’Etre

by cindy

I made plans.

I deliberately avoided time-consuming commitments.

I had every good intention to spend these cold winter days, with or without snow to force the issue, working in my studio.

It is past time, I told myself, to focus my creative energies on my personal work, be it painting in oil, drawing in ink, puttering in pastel. The medium does not matter. The effort does.

But so does this:

Yes, that is a vintage Transformer. Optimus Prime, to be exact.

Optimus Prime has captured the heart and imagination of the Rooster. He has been oh-so-very careful when playing with it. But things happen and even with the best of intentions, plans go awry. I know a lot about plans going awry.


So what, if instead of setting up my paints, I used my work table for the delicate surgery?

So what, if instead of dipping the brushes into oil, the ends of them were used to adjust the cast on the broken leg?

I cannot wait for this little fellow to come over today and see that his beloved toy is as good as almost-new. I know the smile on his face will fill my heart. As it always does.

Raison d’ĂȘtre.