by cindy

Many months ago, I wrote about my reluctance to join social media in general and Facebook in particular. Yet the opportunity, shall we say, presented itself and join I did. Predictably, I have enjoyed snooping and sharing and wasting precious minutes hours of each day. However, I have also been able to reconnect with many old friends—friends that shared my childhood and helped me grow. Friends that guided me as I searched for my path as an adult. Friends whom I tried to emulate as I struggled to navigate marriage and children, new communities and new challenges. Friends that quite simply have played a part in helping me become the me that I am now.

And with any really good, true friendship, the years of separation disappear when our paths cross once again. It matters not what circumstances kept us apart. It could be as simple as distance or as complicated as, well, life.

Yesterday I had the immeasurable joy of spending the afternoon with this woman:

Kay and Laurel

And she hasn’t changed a bit.

We attempted to share some thirty years of stories over a two hour lunch. We clearly needed more time, but we managed to share enough to know that our friendship has indeed survived the drought. I can hardly wait to meet with her again. Thank you, Kay, for still being exactly who you are after all these years. Yes, we are both older, and hopefully a bit wiser, but at our core, we’re still those two clog-and-bell-bottom-wearing moms-to-be, nervously wondering what in the hell we were doing here, in this town, in June, 1973. And we managed to survive it all. Cheers!