by cindy

Has it really been six weeks since I’ve posted? And you’re still here? Waiting? Patiently waiting? Not so patient? Mmmm.

I don’t blame you if you’re disappointed but I do—truly—appreciate the fact that you’re still here, visiting this blog, waiting for me to get my friggin’ act together.

Let me say this: writing is not easy. Maintaining a blog is not easy. At least it’s not easy for me. I yearn to write more, post more, share more. And yet, I manage to get all tangled up in my head, trying to figure out how to put more hours into the day. Well, let’s be honest here: I need to put more productive hours within the days I’ve been given. I figure I’m not alone in this frustration. Most of us are blessed if we lead active, fulfilling lives, which I do. Plus there’s that laundry thing. And the cleaning-cooking things. And lots of other things that seem to constantly trip me up. Anyway

I have managed to return to my studio, working with pastels for a change. I haven’t touched pastels in years and I am having fun getting reacquainted with the medium. I can’t say I have completed anything that I am thrilled with, but I am delighted to be back “at it”. It’s been way too long. Of course tapping into my artist’s energy leaves my writer’s energy a bit depleted. So yeah, there’s that little conundrum. Working on it. Really.

I’ve also been out to visit with the Peanut. Spending time with the grandkids is a gift beyond description. The Peanut and I don’t get to be with each other quite as often as I would like. Thankfully, technology is a help, what with Facetime and all. Still, there is nothing like being right in the same room, sharing giggles and hugs. And iPads and iPhones. Which I do. Whenever she wants.

iPad Baby

And, yes, we always coordinate our outfits.

I’ve been able to spend time with the Rooster too, particularly when the heater in his home went kaput. He and his Mom and Dad stayed with us for a few days while awaiting the repair. It gave me a chance to work with Rooster in the studio which becomes his space whenever he wants. We painted and pasted and glued and stickered. And then, one afternoon he did this


and pointed out the “obvious” to me: “Mommom, see dis? Dis says one plus one is two. And dis says free plus one is…is…is…four. And see dis? Dis says x is unknown.” Say wha? Where in the dickens did he learn that? After my head stopped spinning atop my neck, it occurred to me that numbers still look like hieroglyphics to me. Were it not for sitting behind a certain math wiz in high school, I still would be trying to pass algebra. But that’s another story. To be posted. Some day. Maybe.

Yes, being an artist and working on writing are unquestionably worthy goals but somehow when the Rooster and the Peanut and the Meatloaf come to play…

Maybe Meatloaf

The Meatloaf? Yep. Another grandchild is on the way. Details, particularly about the unusual moniker will come…soon. Promise!!!

Whoo-hoo! Life is grand!