Catching Up!

by cindy


So here’s the thing: I’ve been busy!

Busy working in the studio…on things like this:


And this:

Sun Spots

Busy with the Peanut, whom we kept while her parents took time off for a few well-deserved days of rest and relaxation. They gave us a few very specific rules before they left. Rules such as “NO Pepsi” which we dutifully followed. But the lass does enjoy Fruit Loops for breakfast, especially after delicately removing all of the blueberries into another bowl…

Fruit Loops

And, joined by the Rooster and his mom, she wolfed down Chicken McNuggets and french fries for lunch kinda like she’d never had them before…hmmm…

McDonalds 2013

Busy with the Rooster, going on day trips with him and his parents, such as one to Washington, DC, to see the “moo-seums”…

DC 2013

…as well as the Smithsonian “Castle”. It was here that he boldly asked the security guard if “the Princess was home.” The guard was a grandfatherly sort who, without skipping a beat, answered “No, the Princess is on vacation.” After all, even princesses need to get out of their castles once in a while…I suppose…

DC Castle 2012

And busy spending time with friends like these, Dear Dave’s two college roommates. The very two who knew way before I what a special guy he was—and failed to warn me. Or maybe they did. Clearly, I felt otherwise and married him anyway.

If laughter is the best medicine, Dear Dave and the rest of us are pretty damn healthy as we laughed for the entire day, reminiscing about those great ‘good old days’ at college. The campus is much changed now, larger than when we were students. None of our group are as, um, fit as we once were, so all five of us piled into one car for a campus tour. I’m sure the incoming groups of freshmen, dutifully following their orientation leaders, were unimpressed by the overstuffed car squeaking its way around the campus, hilarity bursting from within.

At Ledos Pizza 2013

Busy with visits to West Virginia where we spend time with Dad, in this case moving him into Assisted Living. It’s hard to watch his decline, though at 93 I suppose it is inevitable.

With Dad, 2013

And busy spending as much time with family as we can, including sister Becky who joined us for a few days resting poolside.

Summer 2013

And even though as a family we were ALL IN THE SAME SPOT AT THE SAME TIME, for a change, we failed to gather for even one complete group photograph. How did I miss that chance? Who knows! I think we were having just too much fun hanging out. I suppose we might as well wait, since this is happening in September:


A new grandson will be arriving soon. Life is indeed full…busy…and good.