Thing One and Thing Two

by cindy

A-a-a-a-nd I’m back.

I managed to miss posting in January. So much for New Year’s Resolution #43: “Write something at least once a month” which fell just after Resolution #42: “Paint in studio daily” and just before the ubiquitous Resolution #44: “Lose weight”. Failures all. Sigh.

As you may have guessed, those of you four who follow this blog and know me well, I have found myself busy once again with preparations for the school musical. This year? Spamalot. It is Dear Dave, however, who has been charged with the greater number of tasks. And, as per usual, he has buried himself—-AND OUR HOME—in his efforts.

While I was charged with designing a couple of set pieces and making a cow…

Vera La Vache

…Dear Dave has found himself immersed in the creation of, among other things, HELMETS! The process is lengthy…

More work

Oh dear...

the outcome is brilliant…

2014 Spamalot Props 8667


Some Done

The mess, however, is…

O V E R W H E L M I N G.

and these three photos were taken before it really exploded…


Kitchen 3

Kitchen 2

Like Dr. Seuss’ most lovable creature, Dear Dave insists

“Have no fear of this mess,

said the Cat in the Hat.

I always pick up all my playthings!

And so…”

And so…we shall see.

In the meantime, I’ve headed out to Chicago.