The Gift

by cindy

He is growing up so quickly. He’s lost some teeth, though a new one is already filling the gap. He is close to riding his bike without its training wheels and even closer to being able to swim without assistance. He no longer makes his ‘L’s sound like ‘W’s, and I miss that. He is a baby no more, nor a toddler. He’s not even a “a widdle guy.” He’s simply a boy, my very special Rooster boy.

Soon he will enter Kindergarten where his world will expand, his skills increase, and his independence explode. Knowing with all certainty that this will happen, I found our time together over the weekend to be extraordinary.

For one glorious afternoon, he did what he has always done so well: he walked right into a world of his own imagination. Yes, it might have helped that I had just the right fabric on hand and just the right scissors to transform it into the very cape he described. That might have helped a little. And it didn’t hurt that he found just the right stick in his grandfather’s wood pile to serve as his mighty sword. Props are very important, after all.

Yet, it was his world that he entered. A world fueled perhaps from a cartoon but one that he navigated with his own creativity. One forlorn bit of cloth and one sturdy stick and he was off on one adventure after another.

And the gift? The gift was that he took me along. Come on, Mommom! Follow me! I know the way!! For hours, I was his trusty sidekick, slaying dragons and bad guys and hiding in newly discovered forts and caves. It was the perfect afternoon and there was nowhere else I would rather have been.

Follow Me

Yes, Rooster, you do know the way. Please don’t ever lose that knowledge. It will serve you well. Your mind is a magical place and I am so grateful you share it with me. You are a gift beyond words.