Bobbing Along

A Lifetime of Stories: collected, painted, shared.

Month: July, 2014

Booster for the Rooster

A brief phone conversation with the Rooster today: “Mommom, I’m just not feeling very happy right now [sniffle, sob, sob…]. I got THREE shots and I’m just not happy at all.” “Ah, Rooster, I’m so sorry but you know, those shots will keep you from getting really bad diseases…” “I’m still not happy right now [more sobs…]! […]

Outside the Box

or  A Little Dirt is Good for the Soul   Occasionally I find myself signing on to do things I normally would avoid. Things like teaching (which requires speaking in front of people) or exercising (which requires sweating), both examples of stuff I don’t particularly like to do. It’s good for me to shake things […]

Empty but Full

I wander throughout the house glancing at the half-empty soda bottles; the glasses of partially sipped water; towels—tons of towels—both damp and dry; a t-shirt here and a pair of socks there, forgotten in the flourish of packing; rumpled beds; diaper-scented trash; scattered toys and piles of children’s books. It is a home seeking its return to order. It […]