Booster for the Rooster

by cindy

A brief phone conversation with the Rooster today:

“Mommom, I’m just not feeling very happy right now [sniffle, sob, sob…]. I got THREE shots and I’m just not happy at all.”

“Ah, Rooster, I’m so sorry but you know, those shots will keep you from getting really bad diseases…”

“I’m still not happy right now [more sobs…]!

“What if I send you some kisses over the phone to make it all feel better? Ready? Here’s the first one…[muwaah]. Did you get it?”

“Noooo…[sniffle, sob, sniffle]”

Several kisses later, none of which seem to reach him, I finally resort to fart noises.

While he did not acknowledge those as “kisses”  he did—at least for a moment—stop crying. And I sensed a smile…

He is his father’s son.