Well, then!

by cindy

I am hugely embarrassed that my last post was some eight months ago. Where has the time gone? What was I doing all those days and weeks and months? Imagine the conversation:

Where have you been?

Uh, here.

Why have you not written? Why have you not called? Why have you not updated this blog?

Uh, I was busy.

Doing what?


Stuff? STUFF??? What do you mean, STUFF???

Conversations with myself are just like conversations with a surly, sullen twelve-year-old. And when the conversation becomes confrontational, as it inevitably does, I always come out on the losing end.

It appears that the weeks flew by all on their own. Before I knew it, 2015 was here. Here, as in IT’S APRIL of 2015, fer cryin’ out loud.

I could go into great lengths to account for my absence but I think it would be more fun, for all 3.2 of you who might still be interested, if I say less and show more. “More” as in pictures. Maybe even videos, if I can figure out how to do that. (Yay! My personal IT guy—Son #1—has fixed that little problem for me. Muwahh!) So now, no excuses! Get the job done, woman!

My apologies to those who haven’t given up on me. I’ll try to do better. Promise. In the meantime, let’s begin where we left off, way back there in two thousand fourteen

These last few months have been good. Life has treated us kindly, with much laughter and celebration. As I peruse the library of photos, most of which were taken by someone other than myself, what stands out are the smiles. Lots and lots of smiles. Details are less important. The smiles tell the greater part of these stories, so that’s where we shall begin.


Birthday Boy, Sept. 2014

Birthday Girl, Dec. 2014

McDonald's, July 2014

The Shavers, August 2014

The Most Handsome Rooster, 2014

The Maevids, 2014

Hook's Hat, November 2014

Hair, November 2014

Hugs and Kisses, November 2014

Kindergarten, September 2014

Sujata, July 2014

Brooklyn, September 2014

Summer, 2014

Empire State Building, September 2014

Her Ladyship, December 2014

Thanksgiving weekend 2014

Peanut's Birthday Party, December 2014

Chickadee's Birthday Party, September 2014

Christmas, December 2014

Face timing with Chicago, August, 2014

Card shark, December 2014

Shoe House Ice Cream, June 2014

Brooklyn, September 2014

Lancaster Science Factory, 2014

Family, Summer 2014

Though their time together is limited, the three young cousins make the most of any opportunity to kibbitz. And come summer, a fourth cousin will enter the fray.


Summer, 2014

Bubbles, 2014

Builders, July 2014

iPad, September 2014

Brooklyn, September 2014

Ice Cream, Summer 2014

Technology, September 2014

Lancaster Science Factory, December 2014

Riding, 2014

Lancaster Science Factory, December 2014

Helping, 2014

Cars, December 2014

Ice Cream, July 2014





For those who may wonder how I’m doing with my art, I will say that I do spend time in my studio—creating memories if not actual paintings.





Teacher, December 2014

Yay! You made it to the end! Exhausted? It would appear that this little guy may well understand just how you feel.


Thus the blog continues, even after this very lengthy, rather delinquent pause. It’s nice to be back. Thanks for stopping by. More soon!