Five Years

by cindy

Five years have passed since she died

Surrounded by family,

Two daughters and one grandson beside her bed,

Others waiting nearby.

We stroked her arms gently and our whispers spoke of love,

Masking our sorrow.

Medicated against the ravages of cancer, she drifted in silence.

It would have been her way, of course,

Quietly doing what was true,

Never one to make a scene

Or create chaos.

Chaos was left to us, her children, six in all,

Five remaining.

Her patience was tested over the years.

I was as guilty as any.


Her love was unconditional.

Her wisdom was unimpeachable.

Her smile and her dancing, dark eyes spoke volumes

Even as the disease took its toll.

She was our guidepost, leading by example.

She taught us well,

Not just how to behave, but how to be.

Goodbyes having been said, it was time to let her go.

So we did.

And so she went.

I miss her still.

I always will.

Christmas 2008

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