Here’s Beanie!

by cindy


Yeah. I know. I’m overdue on announcing this. Waaaay overdue. Good God, he’s already 3 1/2 months old! And he’s gone from this wee thing with stringy arms and legs (hence the name),


to this little chunk of chins.


He was instantly adored by his big brother, the Rooster.


Accordingly, the Rooster’s insatiable curiosity continues to give me pause. As I was feeding Beanie one afternoon, Rooster and I had this discussion:

“Mommom, what’s in that bottle?”

“Breast milk, Rooster.”

“Mommom, is that a bad word?”

“What word? Breast?”


“No, it’s not a bad word. Everyone has breasts, Sweets. Boys and girls, men and women, animals, we all have breasts. It’s just that women’s breasts were designed for the purpose of feeding babies.”

“Oh. I knew that.”

{insert here what could be called a very pregnant pause…}

“Uh, Mommom, how does that work anyway? How does the baby drink from breasts? Are there straws inside or something?”

Hmmm. Yep. Straws, folks. Totally straws. I went with straws all the way…straws.

Anyway, back to Beanie, straws or no-straws, he is quickly becoming a charmer. I cannot wait to see what questions he has for me down the road…