The Fabulous Fuchsia reFurbished Vacuum Cleaning Machine

by cindy

Am I really writing about, gasp, a vacuum? As in a vacuum CLEANER?


Yes, I am.

Here it is, in all its bright pink-and-purple majesty.


This, I have informed Dear Dave, is not, repeat, NOT my birthday present, although it is October and gifts are gladly accepted at any time. No, this is not a birthday present even though Dear Dave is the one who spotted the gaudy-yet-cheap online special. For my birthday, I have told him, there is an iPhone 6s out there, somewhere, with my name on it.


The Fabulous Fuchsia reFurbished Vacuum Cleaning Machine arrived today where it was promptly assembled and used. Ugly? Yes. Efficient? Oh, hell, yes! After thirty-five years with my old vacuum, all I can say about it is this: What the hell took me so long???

I love this thing! Yes, in all its gaudy glory, I love it.

Still…that iPhone is out there…waiting…for me…