by cindy

Written for the Wedding of Maeve Kennedy McKean and David John McKean

Good Evening,

I am honored and delighted to give the blessing tonight.  It should be mentioned that I am neither priest nor preacher nor rabbi.  I am simply—like most of you here—one who dearly loves the young couple for whom we gather.  

I ask that you join hands around your tables and accept this prayer in whatever manner makes you comfortable.

Dear Lord, Creator of All,

We thank you for this joyous occasion—the joining of families, the communion of friendships, the celebration of this wedding–the wedding of David McKean and Maeve Townsend.  

We ask that you bless this gathering of family who are friends and friends who are like family—all of whom are here to participate in this wonderful event.  

We ask that you bless the families of David and Maeve. 

Bless in particular their parents, whose love and guidance have helped bring this young couple from infancy through adolescence to adulthood, helping them become the dynamic individuals that they are today.

We ask that you bless Dave and Maeve.  

         Guide their steps as they enter into marriage.  

         Fill their days more with delight than with difficulty. 

         Fill their years more with laughter than with longing.  

         Fill their lifetime together with patience—allowing each other to grow;

                        With respect—allowing each other to change; 

                        And with an abundance of love—allowing each other to dream and to pursue those dreams.

We ask that you hold them in Your hands just as we who are gathered here tonight hold them in our hearts.  

As it is said in this Scottish blessing,

            If there is righteousness in the heart,

                        There will be beauty in the character.

            If there is beauty in the character, 

                        There will be harmony in the home.

            If there is harmony in the home,

                        There will be order in the nation.

            If there is order in the nation,

                        There will be peace in the world.

            So let it be.

So let it be, dear Lord, for David and for Maeve, indeed, for all of us.  So let it be.


March 21, 2009