Well, What Do You Know!

by cindy


Not that we went anywhere, really.

Well, there was that trip abroad last summer. I still am not completely comfortable eating inside a crowded restaurant, but “join us in Spain and Italy?” Hell, YES! There were also a few trips to visit grandchildren though a lot of our “together time” was via the internet.

One would have thought that the pandemic might have given a perfect opportunity to beef up the action here at Bobbing. And one is welcome to think that…But no. Apparently not. What is that line regarding “good intentions”? Ah, yes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Not sure if that is relevant to my point, but, there it is. Enjoy.

I have many stories to add, some of which relate to our Covid experiences, others that will continue family histories of past generations. And more ART needs to be added but…

Before I tackle any of those, I feel I need to address my father’s passing (in 2018, actually. I know, I know. Procrastination is my middle name…) and give his stories due diligence as I had done for my mother. The relationship my siblings and I had with our father was a complicated one, but he was our dad and we honored him with gratitude and love…way back in 2018. Good Lord. I am truly, slightly, maybe, embarrassed.

His stories can be read here, here, and here.

I have missed you, my little Bob-alongs. I hope you are still out there in Bloggerland, still checking in here from time to time. If you are, thank you. And yes, you are perfectly within the Readership Rights of Blogging to rip me a new one.