Although she is now well into her seventh decade, Cindy is still a novice to writing and an even newer-novice (yes, that is a thing) to anything remotely internet-related. This is her website though she really has no clue how to run the damn thing. She is a little older than most bloggers. Okay. She could be their mother grandmother, she’s that much older. But her children (the ones she gave birth to and their spouses) seem to feel she has enough to say to fill a blog so they initiated this website. They have been regretting this move ever since.

Having been married for lots and lots of years (to the same man. Really!) and having raised three children will, perhaps, give her something to write about after all. Of course, she could also write about her six grandchildren whom she cherishes. They are the best parts about growing old(er).

Cindy was raised in West Virginia but has lived in Pennsylvania forever. Growing up in the Mountain State in the ’50s was not all “Father Knows Best” nor “Leave It to Beaver”, as most folks who grew up anywhere in the ’50s will tell you. And being one of six kids, three of whom were The Triplets (not Cindy. No. She was not one of The Triplets.) had its challenges. The biggest challenge was probably survival itself, but stories will eventually follow on this subject as stories are what this blog is all about.

And paintings. This blog is also about paintings because Cindy has always wanted to be an artist when she grew up. She’s still working on that. The painting part AND the growing up part. Finding the right mix of time and inspiration has always been a bit of a struggle, but she has persisted in developing her artistic voice. Her journey from painting what everyone else wanted to see to painting what she wanted to share has been long and arduous. Part of this blog, she hopes, will be dedicated to that artistic journey and the art work that came as a result. If she can figure out how to do it. On a blog. Which requires knowing how to get the images in and out and here and there. It continues to be a work in progress. Be patient.

As for the title of the blog, Bobbing Along, well, there’s a story in that as well. Stories. Lots and lots of stories. Eventually.