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Wonderings 2001 Mixed Media: Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Pencil 9″ x 5.5″ York Art Association Juried Exhibit Olivia’s House “Healing Hearts Through the Arts” For more on this painting, click here.

About Wonderings

Over the phone I was told: more tests are needed. I wasn’t ready for this. Not ready to face this. Not ready to hear those words. Not ready at all. My studio is my chapel, my sanctuary… My work is my psalm, my prayer… It is in that room, with the tools that are so […]

About Celebration

This is another painting which burst out of me with stunning immediacy. I began working on it right after I had accompanied a friend to her final chemotherapy treatment. Later, for an exhibit, I wrote about the inspiration behind it: Late March, 2004 It was one of those days. A slight snow had fallen overnight, […]


Celebration 2004 Oil on Linen, with embellishments 24″ x 42″ Exhibited 2005: Olivia’s House “Healing Hearts Through the Arts” To learn more about this work, click here.


On one summer’s day, out of the blue, the Rooster asked to see my artwork, specifically, my drawings. Can I tell you how much those words delighted me?  Can I tell you just how quickly I pulled those crusty old things out of their hiding place? Can I have stuffed any more commas into that first sentence? […]

In the Eyes of the Beholder, I Suppose…

I enjoy Facebook. I really do. I don’t post often and if I do, my posts more often than not are about family. My family. Friends I consider to be family. Grandchildren. And, yes, the occasional diatribe about the Toddler-in-Chief currently residing in the White House. Sigh. Moving on… Having recently spent time enjoying an […]

Painting “Aloft”

Occasionally, a painting will literally burst from hand to brush to canvas, without any notion or planning at all. Aloft is one of those paintings. When I began this work, we had just learned of my mother’s cancer diagnosis. She was, at that point, an 18-year breast cancer survivor but the cancer that had then invaded […]


Aloft 2009 Oil on Linen, with beads 46″ x 50″ To read more about this painting, click here.

Salad Bar Tango

Ahem… Artwork. It’s been a long time comin’. There are reasons for the delay—valid ones, really. Other than sloth even, though sloth was a good part of it. I had initially considered working my way from the early days and early works toward the more recent. I found that to be a lot of work. […]