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This Man

In May, we accompanied the Rooster and his parents to the May Festival at his school. It’s been years since we went to a May Festival but attending this one at the same elementary school our children attended brought back many memories. Memories of being a young mother. Or of just being young, for that […]

Thing One and Thing Two

A-a-a-a-nd I’m back. I managed to miss posting in January. So much for New Year’s Resolution #43: “Write something at least once a month” which fell just after Resolution #42: “Paint in studio daily” and just before the ubiquitous Resolution #44: “Lose weight”. Failures all. Sigh. As you may have guessed, those of you four […]


In June, Dear Dave and I celebrated our forty-third anniversary. While I could use this time to elaborate on those forty-three years, going into detail on, oh, mushy stuff, I will spare you all of that by simply saying it has been quite the ride. More impressive, I believe, is the fact that after all […]

Mendel and all that…

I grew up with five siblings. Given that my mother had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and my father had lighter brown hair and blue eyes, it was endlessly fascinating to me that my siblings and I varied so greatly in our coloring. Of the six, one has very blond hair and blue […]

Into the…wha…?

Into the Woods. Fabulous Sondheim musical about many deep and serious topics. Includes characters right out of ye olde fairy tale books. Characters like Cinderella and Princes and Jack who goes up a Beanstalk. Also includes references to the Giant who lives atop that beanstalk, that very Giant who has a Chicken who lays golden […]

The Great Fourth of July Flood and Other Tales

Holidays. Everyone loves holidays. In this family, holidays tend to bring a unique level of chaos. I refer to certain crises as “party games” for, if nothing else, the crisis of the day later becomes fodder for entertainment and laughter. I remember a Thanksgiving years and years ago when I was just entering adulthood. It […]

Under the Bus

A few weekends ago, we kept the Rooster for an overnight, a “sweepover” as he called it. After his parents dropped him off, we three, the Rooster, BaBa and I, headed outside to play in the small grotto that has become Rooster’s Pirates’ Cove. We had set up our very old, rather ragged, rope hammock […]

The Sound of Musicals, Part Two

Ah, yes. Part Two. Otherwise known as “When the Husband Retires and Decides to Acknowledge the Value of Your Passion” (as opposed to the previous decades of “What’s for Dinner?”). Creativity can be messy. Very, very messy. And I love it that way. Unless the mess is someone else’s “art” in which case I’m not quite […]