Bobbing Along

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We recently attended an event: Dear Dave’s 50th high school reunion. We had primped and powdered and felt reasonably comfortable in our old skin and not-new clothes. We were a tad anxious, but otherwise ready to participate in the inevitable task of matching old yearbook photos, long-unthought-of names, and the faces which might complete a connection. That task, ultimately, […]

Catching Up!

Hello! So here’s the thing: I’ve been busy! Busy working in the studio…on things like this: And this: Busy with the Peanut, whom we kept while her parents took time off for a few well-deserved days of rest and relaxation. They gave us a few very specific rules before they left. Rules such as “NO […]


Many months ago, I wrote about my reluctance to join social media in general and Facebook in particular. Yet the opportunity, shall we say, presented itself and join I did. Predictably, I have enjoyed snooping and sharing and wasting precious minutes hours of each day. However, I have also been able to reconnect with many old friends—friends […]


When did this happen, this getting older? We used to gather with friends and discuss Parties And people And plans for the future. Later we gathered and discussed People And plans for our future And children. As we continued to gather, we discussed Plans for our future And our children And their plans for their […]