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I done been sprung! Date of Surgery: March 15 Start of Physical Therapy: April 2 Release from Physical Therapy: May 14 All done, thankyouverymuch. I feel like a million bucks, I do. I would dance if I could. If I could. But I can’t, for reasons not even related to knees, old or new. The […]

Full Disclosure

Umm, so, um, remember when I wrote how brilliantly my knee replacement was progressing? Um, well, in the interest of full disclosure (and also because I only have a little bit of time and I haven’t posted lately and I don’t want to lose my remaining readership however few many they may be…) I feel I […]

One Week Later

Or Experience is a Great Teacher and I am a Rock Star Patient Well, folks, I rather looked forward to sending some medication-induced rambling post-surgical statements but…I’m not on pain meds, except at night, or unless you count tylenol WHICH I DO NOT. And frankly, I’ve been pretty busy preening about my extraordinary recovery from […]


I’ll be heading out in a bit for a new knee. How’s that for an opening statement? Later today I will be having my second knee replaced. My first knee was done last year and my approach to it was not unlike a “dead man walking”. Or limping, to be more accurate. This time, thanks […]