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Moving on…

Well, hello again! As usual, too many months have passed since my previous post. Consistency is not something I do well. I do try. Truly. Or, at least, I try to try. But, moving on… Chemo is done. It wasn’t horrible, for which I am overwhelmingly grateful. One could call it beginner’s luck, I suppose. […]

Feed Me

“Feed me, Krelborn, feed me NOW!”* Once upon a time there was a lovely garden filled with hydrangeas. The hydrangeas would produce their beautiful puffs of color from early spring to the first frost of autumn. One afternoon toward the end of summer, a little surprise appeared, dangling merrily amongst the blossoms. Fascinated by the single […]

Journal Entry: Exercise

When I last posted a ‘journal’ entry, summer was on the wane. In that entry, one might have guessed that I was about to redirect some intentions in my life. Which I did. With some success. Ok. With minimal success. Or maybe with an imagined amount of success as only my imagination can suggest. Whatever. […]

The Fabulous Fuchsia reFurbished Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Am I really writing about, gasp, a vacuum? As in a vacuum CLEANER? Yes. Yes, I am. Here it is, in all its bright pink-and-purple majesty. This, I have informed Dear Dave, is not, repeat, NOT my birthday present, although it is October and gifts are gladly accepted at any time. No, this is not a birthday present […]

Outside the Box

or  A Little Dirt is Good for the Soul   Occasionally I find myself signing on to do things I normally would avoid. Things like teaching (which requires speaking in front of people) or exercising (which requires sweating), both examples of stuff I don’t particularly like to do. It’s good for me to shake things […]