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Eulogy for my Father

E. Burl Randolph April 16, 1920-January 27, 2018   The walls of my studio are peppered with notes—all sorts of quotations from different writers and thinkers and people whose words I admire. This collection of thoughts began years ago, long before computers and their overwhelming access to information. I remember being in our local library […]

A Bit of History, A Bit of Mystery

How I loved my mother‘s stories. They weren’t the usual fairy tales and fables. These were stories based on actual events with actual people, stories about her family, whom she referred to as “my people”. These hardy souls, who emigrated from England to Newfoundland in the mid-1800s, were her beloved aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins. […]

History: My Mother’s Story

As my parents aged, I urged them to write their personal histories. My siblings and I had heard many tales during our childhood but I felt it was important to have those family stories written as each parent remembered them. I wasn’t the only one making this request, of course; other siblings did as well. […]


Old fashioned. Hand-written. On paper. In ink. Still creased from mailing and lovingly saved for decades. These are messages from someone long gone, written during times of great difficulty. The writer was my grandmother. The recipient was my great grandmother. They lived quite far from each other in an age when most families lived in […]

A Father’s Story

Sprinkled throughout this blog, one can find more than a few remembrances of loved ones who have passed away. Writing about them on, well, not exactly paper, is my way of honoring those I’ve lost and memorializing their existence. Knowing that someone someday, somewhere, is apt to read about persons with whom I had a […]