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Thing One and Thing Two

A-a-a-a-nd I’m back. I managed to miss posting in January. So much for New Year’s Resolution #43: “Write something at least once a month” which fell just after Resolution #42: “Paint in studio daily” and just before the ubiquitous Resolution #44: “Lose weight”. Failures all. Sigh. As you may have guessed, those of you four […]


It was a check-up. Nothing more. No urgent issues. No medical problems. Just a check-up. We reviewed the list of medications: for hypertension, check; for cholesterol, check; for digestive issues, check; for anxiety… “So, how is the Celexa working? How are you feeling?” “Better. I’m feeling better.” “Just better? Not good?” Hmmm. I thought better […]


  Hello! How are you? Yes, nice to see you, too! Really! Yes, it has been a while. I know that. I am sorry. All is well, thank you for asking. I have been just a bit, uh, busy. I did return successfully from being Into the Woods, but then the holidays hit. Oh those darn […]

A Brief Summary of Jury Duty

Jury Duty. I’ve served. Twice. I’m done. I have an ongoing list of friends who have never been summoned and that list will be consulted should I be called again. Beware! Day One: I am selected for two jury pools and rejected from each. Part of me is relieved. Another part is thinking: just like […]

The Great Fourth of July Flood and Other Tales

Holidays. Everyone loves holidays. In this family, holidays tend to bring a unique level of chaos. I refer to certain crises as “party games” for, if nothing else, the crisis of the day later becomes fodder for entertainment and laughter. I remember a Thanksgiving years and years ago when I was just entering adulthood. It […]


I done been sprung! Date of Surgery: March 15 Start of Physical Therapy: April 2 Release from Physical Therapy: May 14 All done, thankyouverymuch. I feel like a million bucks, I do. I would dance if I could. If I could. But I can’t, for reasons not even related to knees, old or new. The […]

Full Disclosure

Umm, so, um, remember when I wrote how brilliantly my knee replacement was progressing? Um, well, in the interest of full disclosure (and also because I only have a little bit of time and I haven’t posted lately and I don’t want to lose my remaining readership however few many they may be…) I feel I […]


And what, may I ask, are you doing for fun this summer? Huh? The beach,  you say? Nice. Ah! The mountains, perhaps! Wow. Lovely. Europe? So jealous. Me? Hmmm… Apparently, part of my summer will be spent on jury duty. Oh yes. Jury. Duty. Again. Mmm-hmm. I have served once before. And yes, I know […]