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Monopoly: Loving and Losing during the Pandemic

Monopoly. The very word conjures up some of the best parts of my childhood. I immediately travel back in time where I once again hear the voices of my family, my West Virginia family, gathering at the Lost Creek home of my grandmother, my Mommom. I smell chicken frying and home-canned beans simmering. I taste […]

Four Short Years: A Long Love Story

My dear, dear Rooster, You have been the most enchanting little guy I think I have ever known. I admit that I am a bit prejudiced in this opinion, but, really, really…you have brought such joy into my life. All the things that my friends have told me about grand-parenting are true. If anything, being […]

Straight from the Bottle

Blogging is all about stories. At least that’s the intention of this blog. Sometimes stories just flow, like booze from a bottle. And sometimes they do not. Sometimes they have to rest for a bit. Or be shaken a little. Or maybe chilled. Or, in my case, bits of cork need to be removed. Large bits of […]

Salad Bar Tango

Ahem… Artwork. It’s been a long time comin’. There are reasons for the delay—valid ones, really. Other than sloth even, though sloth was a good part of it. I had initially considered working my way from the early days and early works toward the more recent. I found that to be a lot of work. […]

The Toy Box: A Wee Love Story

Once upon a time, a little boy was born into a large and boisterous family. He was immediately adored, this sweet lad, as he was Son Number One. And he was Grandson Number One. And he was Nephew Number One. And for all intents and purposes, he was the Wee Prince. His aunts and uncles, […]

To Hat or Not to Hat

If you were to listen to my father—and I’m not real sure that is generally a good idea these days—you would know that wearing hats is the Primary Method for the Prevention of Illness. I learned that not as a youngster (though I am sure many a hat was shoved onto my head as I […]


Now that I’ve successfully returned from Oz and have caught up on all those essentials in my life (two books, three trips to the wine and spirits store, and lots of sleep), it’s time, perhaps, for a bit of reflection (no, not of Oz. You’re welcome.), reflection on the newest member of our family: the […]

Hey! Looking for Me?

I know, I KNOW! I have been nothing short of DELINQUENT. I thank those of you who may still be patiently “watching” this blog (I would like to say “reading” but, ahem, I need to write something to be read, right?). And I thank each of you for your words of encouragement and occasional chastisement. […]

By Popular Demand!

It’s happening. That post about my Little Peanut Princess is coming. Just as soon as I…well…as soon as I…get it done!! I know, I KNOW!! I keep promising things on this here blogsite and I continually fail to produce! WHAT CAN I DO? I’M FLAWED!!! Seriously FLAWED! Oh, if you only knew how flawed! (Is […]


Yes, I have been neglecting this blog. And I’m sorry. Yes, I have much to tell. There are still stories from my last trip to visit my dad. And untold stories from a very boisterous Thanksgiving. But most importantly, there’s an announcement to make and I’ll do it right this very minute: We have a […]