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Monopoly: Loving and Losing during the Pandemic

Monopoly. The very word conjures up some of the best parts of my childhood. I immediately travel back in time where I once again hear the voices of my family, my West Virginia family, gathering at the Lost Creek home of my grandmother, my Mommom. I smell chicken frying and home-canned beans simmering. I taste […]

Four Short Years: A Long Love Story

My dear, dear Rooster, You have been the most enchanting little guy I think I have ever known. I admit that I am a bit prejudiced in this opinion, but, really, really…you have brought such joy into my life. All the things that my friends have told me about grand-parenting are true. If anything, being […]

Under the Bus

A few weekends ago, we kept the Rooster for an overnight, a “sweepover” as he called it. After his parents dropped him off, we three, the Rooster, BaBa and I, headed outside to play in the small grotto that has become Rooster’s Pirates’ Cove. We had set up our very old, rather ragged, rope hammock […]


Exactly one week after rather unsuccessfully introducing Rooster to musical theatre, I had the following phone conversation with him… Mom-mom: So, Rooster, did you like the Wizard of Oz? Rooster: Yes, I did! I did wike it, Mom-mom! Mom-mom: Would you like to see it again sometime? Rooster: Yes, I would! (slight pause as Mom-mom tries […]

A Final Word, or three…

And how did the Rooster fare in Oz? Early in the process, we brought him to a production meeting. He didn’t have much to add to the discussion but he paid very close attention to our very pretty choreographer. (Actually, we were babysitting him that evening. His attendance at this meeting was for our convenience. […]

Hey! Looking for Me?

I know, I KNOW! I have been nothing short of DELINQUENT. I thank those of you who may still be patiently “watching” this blog (I would like to say “reading” but, ahem, I need to write something to be read, right?). And I thank each of you for your words of encouragement and occasional chastisement. […]