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Monopoly: Loving and Losing during the Pandemic

Monopoly. The very word conjures up some of the best parts of my childhood. I immediately travel back in time where I once again hear the voices of my family, my West Virginia family, gathering at the Lost Creek home of my grandmother, my Mommom. I smell chicken frying and home-canned beans simmering. I taste […]

The Best Short Story I Have Ever Read in My Life. And I Mean EVER.

The title says it all: this is the best short story I have ever read. Granted, it features me as one of the main characters. And granted, it was written by my young grandson, the Chickadee. Before I share (dare I say “publish”?) his story I must acknowledge that he also illustrated it. Fine work […]

The Flight of the Chickadee

Early in the new year, I was given the opportunity to accompany my daughter and the Chickadee to California for a few days. Given that this was a business trip for her with all expenses paid and given that it had already been too long, too cold, and too snowy a winter for one of […]