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Thing One and Thing Two

A-a-a-a-nd I’m back. I managed to miss posting in January. So much for New Year’s Resolution #43: “Write something at least once a month” which fell just after Resolution #42: “Paint in studio daily” and just before the ubiquitous Resolution #44: “Lose weight”. Failures all. Sigh. As you may have guessed, those of you four […]


  Hello! How are you? Yes, nice to see you, too! Really! Yes, it has been a while. I know that. I am sorry. All is well, thank you for asking. I have been just a bit, uh, busy. I did return successfully from being Into the Woods, but then the holidays hit. Oh those darn […]

Into the…wha…?

Into the Woods. Fabulous Sondheim musical about many deep and serious topics. Includes characters right out of ye olde fairy tale books. Characters like Cinderella and Princes and Jack who goes up a Beanstalk. Also includes references to the Giant who lives atop that beanstalk, that very Giant who has a Chicken who lays golden […]


Hey! How are ya’? Good, good. Me? Busy, busy. Back to work in the theatre. This time, I’m heading up costumes for the community production of “Into the Woods.” Yep. Costumes. No, I really don’t like to sew. Or, I would if’n I could count on the sewing machine to work without needing a filled […]


Exactly one week after rather unsuccessfully introducing Rooster to musical theatre, I had the following phone conversation with him… Mom-mom: So, Rooster, did you like the Wizard of Oz? Rooster: Yes, I did! I did wike it, Mom-mom! Mom-mom: Would you like to see it again sometime? Rooster: Yes, I would! (slight pause as Mom-mom tries […]

A Final Word, or three…

And how did the Rooster fare in Oz? Early in the process, we brought him to a production meeting. He didn’t have much to add to the discussion but he paid very close attention to our very pretty choreographer. (Actually, we were babysitting him that evening. His attendance at this meeting was for our convenience. […]

Sound of Musicals, Part Three

Oz. We made it to Oz. And the trip was amazing. To answer the most burning question first: Yes, Dave’s trees were completed in time. Nothing crucial fell apart. All three trees survived the week of dress rehearsals and the weekend of performances. Miracles DO happen after all. At the beginning of show-week, I was […]

The Sound of Musicals, Part Two

Ah, yes. Part Two. Otherwise known as “When the Husband Retires and Decides to Acknowledge the Value of Your Passion” (as opposed to the previous decades of “What’s for Dinner?”). Creativity can be messy. Very, very messy. And I love it that way. Unless the mess is someone else’s “art” in which case I’m not quite […]

Sound of Musicals

It was 1960. November. I remember because it was Thanksgiving weekend and my parents had taken my older sister, my younger brother and me to New York City. It was a trip just for the older three children. We had left the triplets at home in West Virginia with my grandparents as babysitters. (Yes, you […]