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Journal Entry: Time

Summer is nearing its end. Windows are open. Cool breezes cleanse the air. I embrace the quiet and allow myself time to think. Time to renew my focus and refresh my intentions. Time to clear my mental cobwebs and dust off my dreams. Over the last few months there have been signs. Signs that point me in the direction of change. Signs that encourage […]

For Jackie and Mary Lou, my last known surviving readers…

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a blog. But the blogger of the blog is a real slacker. She is still trying to write however. Hang in there. xoxox

A Little Contrition May Be in Order

Dear Mother Nature, Hi! How are you? No! Wait! Don’t leave! Oh. Yes. ‘Tis me. Again. Uh huh. I know that our relationship has been, oh, a little fractious over the last few months. Yes, I admit it: I was being a bit whiny. Well, why not? I had had to deal with stinkbugs and […]


When did this happen, this getting older? We used to gather with friends and discuss Parties And people And plans for the future. Later we gathered and discussed People And plans for our future And children. As we continued to gather, we discussed Plans for our future And our children And their plans for their […]

Crying Uncle

Or How the Embrace of Technology Has Made Me Lazy Before I share this little tale with you, please understand that this is in no way meant to be an endorsement of one type of e-Reader over another. It so happens that I was given an iPad 1 a few years ago by Dear Dave […]

It’s That Time of Year…again…

Remember when I blogged about certain frustrations related to the semi-annual time change? Well, it’s that time of year, again, but this time, I was ahead of things. In a burst of efficiency that even surprised me, this year I fixed all the clocks in the house early this afternoon, a full day ahead of […]

Opposites (Just sayin’…)

Me: The holidays are approaching. Houseguests will be arriving. I’m looking for a front door wreath that says “welcome”.   He: I’m looking to turn off all the lights and pretend we’re not home.   Me: ……….   He: I guess we have different ways of viewing things, huh?   Me: ……….    

In My Next Life

Years ago, there was an exercise tape called “The Twenty Minute Workout”. I loved to sit and watch it. Then I discovered a wonderful little yoga studio and began studying with the best yogini ever. Alas, age has hampered my abilities to progress. Age and…well…sloth. A new session begins tomorrow morning. I hope to slide […]

Still workin’ at it…

I’ve been busy, kind of. Perhaps you’ve noticed a new “page” up there at the top of the blog? Yes, I’ve added the A-List, which is a short list of blogs that I’ve followed over the years. Some I read only occasionally, others I check on daily. I enjoy blogs for many reasons—brilliant writing skills […]